My initial artistic influences stem from my parents. My father an accomplished fine artist, who at age 21 shared a show with Georgia O'Keefe and John Marin in New York City, proved to be an execellent guide. He introduced the importance of "relationships" in art. How shapes and colors have important relationships in every piece of work and the ability to appreciate and embrace complicated relationships. My mother is the person I credit for my overall patience, flexibility and the ability to find the "good" in every situation. I grew up in a very eclectic neighborhood built upon the unique values of a varied community. All early influences that molded me into the adult I grew to be.

At the University of Cincinnati, I graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts (1993) and an Associates in Communication Arts (1991). During my stay at U.C., I landed a job with a local printing/manufacturing company where I learned the valuable lessons developing well prepared art for production. After graduating, I knew I didn't want to stay in production. I found a job on the creative team in the advertising department at Baldwin Piano and Organ. I enjoyed that job immensely since it was the first job I had that allowed me to do what I always dreamed of doing. Unfortunately it was cut short due to budget cuts but as one door closed, another opened.

I moved to Washington, DC in 1996 with my now husband to start a life in the big city. We sought the full DC experience. We bought a rowhouse on Capitol Hill, my husband was on staff with Senator John Glenn and then following the Senator's retirement with the Department of Defense. I was entrenched in the world of graphic design working for several non-profits. It was a grand experience...the big city life. 9-11 happened and I was expecting. That changed everything.

We wanted to slow life down a bit and we found ourselves in Denver, Colorado. A beautiful city with a great mindset. People there were much more interested in how you spent your time outside verses where you were employed. Refreshing. We drank in the mountains and enjoy every minute there. And Denver made a great little yet big city. In Denver, I started my freelance career which has been amazing. I have had the great fortune of working with very little advertising. My clients have mostly found me through word of mouth. We had our second daughter in 2006 making for a nice little family and great life. The only issue is we were 1500 miles away from family. That was tough with two little kids and grandmother in Ohio.

In 2008, a transfer opportunity presented itself to my husband bringing us back to Ohio and here we are. Family is huge in our life and it's been extra special to celebrate our children's accomplishment with being so close.